Performance Outfit Renaissance Costume Party Dress Drag Costume NEW IN!

€153,00 EUR €180,00


STYLE: Metallic Bodysuit Dress Sparkle Mirror Bodysuit DragQueen Costume Rave, Burning Man Festival Outfit Size: ONESIZE WIG STYLE Tassel fringe wig, silver rhinestone Size: ONESIZE OCCASSION Stage Performance Bodysuit Dress long sleeves Tassel Cowgirl Costume Rhinestone Stars Pearls Crystal Silver Drag Queen Clubwear Bodysuit Jumpsuit with Fringe, Circus Costume, Bachelorette party dress outfit... Drag Queen show, birthday, cowboys festivals, rave parties, Vegas stage performances dress, bachelorette party outfit for bride to be, Goddess dress. Inspired celeb: Kim K, Cher, Jlo, Britney B*...

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