Festival Outfit Rhinestone Sequin Chain Dress Skirt Costume Rave Outfit Exotic Dancer 3pcs Set Burning

€68,84 EUR €80,99

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Need to order for an Event? Please place your order on time. Question? % Discount applied if you order more than 2 pcs. Please contact us! SETS  Rhinestone Top+Skirt: Inspired Country Cowboy Style & Vegas stage performance costume Black & Silver long sleeves tassel covered with silver stars & Style 1 (Video) - 3 pcs Bra, underwear & skirt Style 2 (Set) - Top+skirt Gold, Silver or black  Stage Performance Bodysuit Dress long sleeves Tassel Cowgirl Costume Rhinestone Stars Pearls Crystal Silver Drag Queen Clubwear Bodysuit Jumpsuit with Fringe, Circus Costume...  Occasions: Drag Queen show, birthday, cowboys festivals, rave parties, rave, Vegas stage performances dress...

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